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Emails arrive daily from happy customers.
“The customer service is amazing. I’ve been ordering Whole 9 online for 6 months. Somehow last month I ordered Whole 9 twice. The next morning I received a phone call from Janet asking about my double order. ‘This is out of the ordinary for you Ruth.’ She was right. I had made a mistake. She credited me for one order and shipped the other. She cared enough about me to call.”
     Ruth M.          Ft Lauderdale, Florida
“The Whole 9 nutritional drink has made a positive difference in my energy level. I have a hard time finding time to eat breakfast so I just drink a glass of Whole 9 on my way to work each morning. I have not felt this good in years”
     Julia P.          Seattle, Washington
“It’s amazing what a difference one product can make. VMA is an awesome vitamin. The first thing I noticed is that I sleep better, I feel more rested and I wake up refreshed. I highly recommend it to everyone.”
     Dalton J.          Wendover, Utah
“At 86 years old do I really need a vitamin? I’m here to tell you yes I do. If fact we all do, VMA has made a big difference in my alertness and balance.”
     John M.          Escondido, California
“I use organic products as much as possible. VMA is the only vitamin I will take ever again. I like the fact that it is all natural and I really like the taste of it. I am so glad I was referred to your company by my partner.”
     Claire M.          Miami Florida
“My doctor said my cholesterol levels were high. He told me to make some changes in my eating habits. My neighbor told me about Whole 9 and VMA. I take both each morning. According to my doctor it worked, my cholesterol levels are the best they have been in 20 years. I feel great”
     Joan H.          Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“I must say that I am totally thrilled with Whole 9 and VMA and I don’t ever plan to be without them. I felt better within one week of taking them. I whole heartedly believe in this product and each day I can feel improvements in my general well being.”
     Viviane D.          Dallas, Texas
'We have been taking VMA & Whole 9 for almost a year. We noticed an increase in our energy levels in about a week and will continue to take it!'
     Gayle N.           Utah